Our company, founded in 1993 by Gotthard Bütow, has been successfully active on the market and serving our customers, the headquarters is located Leipzig.
Step by step, with a lot of heart and commitment, our small business has grown into a corporate enterprise with more than 20 employees.

BACK THEN… built up by the company founder Gotthard Bütow, the control cabinet construction was established and EMSR assembly was carried out. With the growing tasks the electrical design was introduced and so we established ourselves in the specialist area in the field of GAS/OIL and chemistry.

TODAY… with now 20 employees we have sharpened our profile, further special fields, such as analysis technology, gas volume measurement, automation, maintenance and service have been added.

In 2016 Gotthard Bütow handed over the management of the company to his son Alexander Bütow as his successor.
We see ourselves as service providers for industry, private and public customers.

Your success is our claim!

We implement our daily work worldwide with pleasure and high-quality standards.